Commit bee68335 authored by Gonzalo Tornaría's avatar Gonzalo Tornaría
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test 587 with precomputed fields and galois groups

parent a493db90
ZZ := IntegerRing();
ZZx<x> := PolynomialRing(ZZ);
/// DATA for C587
load "../Brumer_S6/TR40n";
load "../Brumer_S6/test587_20";
K0 := NumberField(CAND587_20[1,3]);
residual_traces := [<3,0>];
num_fields := #CAND587_20[2];
fields := func<i | NumberField(ZZx!CAND587_20[2,i][1..41])>;
gals := func<i | TR40n[CAND587_20[2,i][42]]>;
load "run-test.m";
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