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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 2022.w18
    Integration 2022 week 18
    - MR !1484 NR 20 MHz with LTE raster on AW2S Jaguar
    - MR !1499 Handle RRC processing time at gNB
    - MR !1511 NR UE memory leak fixes
    - MR !1523 Avoid gNB to exit when UE release or becomes out of coverage
    - MR !1533 Code and CI fixes
    - MR !1536 feat(ci): add script to properly flatten the target images
    - MR !1537 Fix for OAI UE AUTH_REQ processing additional check for RAND value
    - MR !1543 x2 nsa bug at socket establishment
  • setparam
    51ce2fb1 · setParam$ ·
  • 2022.w17
    Integration branch: 2022 week 17
    MR !1411: nr rlc: speedup ack/nack reception
    MR !1529: nr rlc: fix NR RLC AM status generation
    MR !1494: fix ue dlsch
    MR !1502: fix bugs in 4G UE sync, delete dead code
    MR !1534: rename frame_type structure
    MR !1531: NR SR fixes
    additionally: fixes for B210-based NSA tests, NSA-SA RRC configuration harmonization (thanks @luis_pereira87)
  • 2022.w15b
    Integration branch: 2022 week 15b
    MR !1508 Remove NR UE PDCCH
  • 2022.w15
    Integration branch: 2022 week 15
    MR !1467: NR CSI-RS harmonization
    MR !1478: NR gold sequences initialization improvements
    MR !1518: fix memory errors
    MR !1520: second oai UE in RFsim test
  • 2022.w14a
    Integration branch: 2022 week 14a
    MR 1471 : L2 sim fixes and 5G SA L2SIM CI integration
    MR 1325 : SDAP
    Cherry-picks on MR 1517 : correct gNB fail detection
    MR 1464 : LDPC decoder memory optim
    MR 1514 : Amarisoft UE automation
  • 2022.w13b
    Changes in this merge:
    MR !1498 fix when running in container on Fedora host
    MR !1512 correct includes for oai_usrpdevif
    MR !1444 fix initial BWP procedures
    MR !1507 Support for new distros, fixes
  • 2022.w13a
    Changes in 2022.w13b:
    MR 1350 : NR MIMO precoding codebook
    MR 1497 : disable 256QAM activation
    MR 1504 : Fix RIV value for 162 PRBs
    MR 1505 : 5G RFSIM documentation
    MR 1500 : CI fixes
  • 2022.w13
    Changes in 2022.w13:
    MR !1366 remove basic simulator
    MR !1351 multiplex multiple radio bearers in a TB
    MR !1462 T tracer NSA
    MR !1506 fix rballoc_mask variable type in UL scheduler
    MR !1472 fix 5G NR PDCCH and PDSCH for odd number of PRBs
  • 2022.w12
    Integration Branch 2022-w12:
    MR 1437 vrb_map UL optimizations
    MR 1453 memory optimizations
    MR 1418 ue sync + avoid assertion
    MR 1481 fixes NR-UE
    MR 1439 support for continuous transmission
  • 2022.w10
    Integration Branch 2022-w10:
    MR 1473 sync CU/DU files
    MR 1476 remove lfds v6
    MR 1450 UE PBCH optimizations
    MR 1486 fixes in documentation
    MR 1474 support for USRP x400
    MR 1488 SA SR hotfix
  • 2022.w09b
    Changes in this tag:
    MR 1475: CI fix log rotation
    - Delete logs older than 14d if reaching 80% disk utilization
    MR 1412: 256qam DL
    - implement RRC configuration for 256 QAM MCS table for DL according to
      UE capabilities
    MR 1466: merge tx thread timing stats
    - Merge timing stats of tx thread into one variable
    - Provide API to export time_stats_t from Tpool implementation, giving
      the job execution duration
    - Delete a lot of unused code
    MR 1482: correctly configure DL HARQ processes
    - did not add the new HARQ processes to be used into the list after MR
      !1468 (merged)
  • 2022.w09
    Changes in this tag:
    MR !1388 10 MHz with OAI UE
    - Fixes to make SIB1 detection and RA work for 10MHz BW in SA with OAI
    - fixes for 2 symbol interleaved pdcch, pdsch mapping type B, dynamic
      mcs for msg2 and 4
    MR !1342 NR UE CSI-RS
    - Functions to schedule reception of CSI-RS (and CSI-IM) at UE MAC. In
      preparation for CSI-RS handling at UE. Change in
      nr_ue_scheduled_response() to handle additional fapi pdus. In principle
      no effect on CI if do_CSI flag is not enabled at gNB config file.
    MR !1457 retransmission checkers
    - implement retransmissions + error checkers based on thresholds defined
      in xml
    - only rfsim5g testcase was updated for the moment for testing /debug
    MR !1470 drop sgNB release request
    - drops an sgNB release request if the endpoint does not exist anymore
      instead of asserting
    MR !1292 add PDU session modify and release
    - Add PDU session modify and release in RRC
  • 2022.w08b
    Changes in this tag:
    MR !1460 fixes NR RLC
    - correct use of sn_end instead of so_end (big problem)
    - same computation for sn_count (minor problem)
    MR !1452 fix for Nid_cell != 0
    - fixes related to Nid_cell (used for dmrs and scrambling) to allow it
      work with a Nid_cell different from 0
    MR !1241 address sanitizer in physims
    - run (most) physical simulators with the address sanitizer
    MR !1468 repair F1 split
    - correctly initialize PDCP in F1 (on CU)
    - support reconfiguratino of No of HARQ processes (could also prevent a
      segv on RRC Reestablishment)
    MR !1434 ULINFO cleanup
    - This struct is used to store the uplink 5G nFAPI messages between the
      proxy and the gNB MAC layer. The original OAI implementation utilizes
      a similarly named variable (UL_info) to store the uplink 5G nFAPI
      messages between the PHY and MAC layer. This commit will utilize the
      original UL_info variable prior to calling the handle functions. These
      changes allow us to make minimal changes to the nFAPI handle functions
      and modifies the NR_UL_Indication parent function instead.
  • 2022.w08
    Changes in this tag:
    MR !1422: gtp-u old code delete
    MR !1423: Remove MSC and _log_verbosity from config files
    MR !1319: 2port MIMO
    MR !1442: RFsim container improvements
    MR !1441: bugfix multi-UE scheduling
    MR !1458: record player bugfixs
  • 2022.w07b
    Integration 2022 week 7:
    This merges the following MRs:
    - MR !1436 fairRR LTE scheduler fixes: should make the connection more stable, less UL retransmissions
    - MR !1386 phy sync improvements: the 5G NR UE should sync better
    - MR !1361 FDD support (no traffic): adds FDD support for the scheduler, but heavy traffic has not been tested
    - MR !1447 using uid for PUCCH RRC conf: use the RRC UID to decide on PUCCH resources, should in particular avoid the "PUCCH straddles DC carrier" assert
    - fix for 5G F1 RFsim test fail
  • 2022.w07
    Integration 2022 week 7:
    MR !1440 (merged) fix 162 PRB config
    MR !1446 (merged) fix tcp bidir for nsa
    MR !1443 (merged) fix mac2pduwireshark
    MR !1428 (merged) UE parallel processing fix
    Fixes in integration branch:
    - relax ping acceptance thresholds for LTE
    - Fix SA OAIUE N310 test's USRP IP address
  • 2022.w06a
    Integration 2022 week 06a:
    MR !1431 (merged) fix size EpsNetworkFeatureSupport.c
    MR !1359 (merged) handling multiple pdcch PDU
  • 2022.w06
    Integration 2022 week 06:
    MR 1431 : fix size EpsNetworkFeatureSupport.c
    MR 1359 : handling multiple pdcch PDU
  • 2022.w05b
    Integration 2022 week 05b:
    MR 1424 : Tx PHY Race Fix
    MR 1394 : nFAPI P5 bug fixes (Pack/Unpack fixes)
    MR 1421 : Removing log_minimal and adding new run-time logging opts
    MR 1383 : bler_txproc_optim
    MR 1380 : rename pusch procs