Commit 9f47551f authored by Oscar Saldias Calcerrada's avatar Oscar Saldias Calcerrada
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Mejoras DW1000Ranging.h:

- Cambio de nombre de parametros
- Se agrega parametro replyDelayTimeUs en metodos transmitPollAck() y transmitRangeReport() para pasar la espera de turno que debe tener cada anchor antes de transmitir el mensaje
parent bded4910
......@@ -223,21 +223,20 @@ private:
static void transmit(byte datas[]);
static void transmit(byte datas[], DW1000Time time);
static void transmitBlink();
static void transmitRangingInit(DW1000Device* myDistantDevice);
static void transmitRangingInit(DW1000Device* remoteDevice);
static void transmitPollInBroadcast();
static void transmitPollAck(DW1000Device* myDistantDevice);
static void transmitRangeReport(DW1000Device* myDistantDevice);
static void transmitRangeFailed(DW1000Device* myDistantDevice);
static void transmitPollAck(DW1000Device* remoteDevice, uint32_t replyDelayTimeUs);
static void transmitRangeReport(DW1000Device* remoteDevice, uint32_t replyDelayTimeUs);
static void transmitRangeFailed(DW1000Device* remoteDevice);
static void receiver();
//for ranging protocole (TAG)
static void transmitPoll(DW1000Device* myDistantDevice);
static void transmitPoll(DW1000Device* remoteDevice);
static void transmitRangeInBroadcast();
static void transmitRangeInBroadcast2();
static void transmitRange(DW1000Device* myDistantDevice);
static void transmitRange(DW1000Device* remoteDevice);
//methods for range computation
static void computeRangeAsymmetric(DW1000Device* myDistantDevice, DW1000Time* myTOF);
static void computeRangeAsymmetric(DW1000Device* remoteDevice, DW1000Time* myTOF);
static void timerTick();
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