Commit 58cbdd78 authored by Gonzalo Belcredi's avatar Gonzalo Belcredi

Path figuras

parent 3d727da6
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ def phase_diagram(npl,ntx,nidle):
plt.scatter(np_lin_eq,nt_lin_eq,marker='x',c='green',s=150,label='Equilibrium Lin Point (Model)')
plt.scatter(np_sat_eq,nt_sat_eq,marker='+',c='orange',s=150,label='Equilibrium Sat Point (Model)')
plt.savefig('fig/Evolucion del sistema.pdf')
plt.savefig('Evolucion del sistema.pdf')
nidle_t = 1 - npl_t - ntx_t
......@@ -148,5 +148,5 @@ def phase_diagram(npl,ntx,nidle):
plt.xlabel('Time (s)')
plt.legend(bbox_to_anchor=(0., 1.02, 1., .102), loc='lower left',
ncol=2, mode="expand", borderaxespad=0.)
plt.savefig('fig/Population Evolution.pdf')
plt.savefig('Population Evolution.pdf')
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