Commit ee0ad2fe authored by Romina Julieta Parada Venossa's avatar Romina Julieta Parada Venossa
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some comments were erased

parent ce76aa80
......@@ -70,11 +70,8 @@ void DisMapIC::save_frontier_old_source(pos frontier){
pos first_source = cell_data[frontier].first_source;
if(first_source != NULL_POS){
updated_frontiers[frontier] = cell_data[frontier].first_source;
//updated_frontiers[frontier] = cell_data[frontier].sources;
updated_frontiers[frontier] = NULL_POS;
......@@ -107,11 +104,6 @@ void DisMapIC::process_lower(pos p) {
open.push(make_pair(d, n));
} else if (d == n_cd.dist) {
//specific for critic detection
//if is a frontier then add it to the map so it will update critis
//should use a different collection(different meaning)
//save_frontier_old_source(n, false);
n_cd.sources.insert(p_cd.sources.begin(), p_cd.sources.end());
......@@ -61,7 +61,6 @@ class DisMapIC{
pos_set* frontiers;
//for updating critics, old sources for frontiers are saved, new frontiers and frontiers with new critics with same distance are also saved with empty set
boost::unordered_map<pos, pos> updated_frontiers;
//pos_set new_frontiers;
void save_frontier_old_source(pos frontier);
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